We Clean Houses in the Severn & Wye Valley

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- You get a cleaner who has been STRICTLY VETTED
- You get a cleaner trained in the PREVENTION OF CROSS CONTAMINATION
- You get A STAND IN CLEANER, if your cleaner is absent
- You get the SAME CLEANER week in, week out
- You get Benefits when you introduce a friend.
- You get your own exclusive CLIENT PACK
- You get pre-printed TASK SHEETS
- You get TIME SHEETS for your cleaner

- You get FULL SUPPORT from the SelClene agency
- You get PRODUCTS delivered to your door
- You get A REPRESENTATIVE to come and visit your premises
- You get access to our DATABASE of over 165 available cleaners
- You get the comfort of dealing with a company established since 1987, that not only operates in the West of England and South Wast Wales, but is also part of the National SelClene franchise.
Your cleaner will be FULLY VETTED and trained in the prevention of cross contamination, health and safety, and cleaning skills.
You benefit from our Public Liability Insurance
You get temporary cover if your cleaner is absent
You will have the same cleaner week in, week out
You receive an exclusive client pack
You earn benefits when you introduce friends
You get pre-printed task sheets
You receive full agency support
You will have the comfort of knowing that your home is being cleaned to your requirements.

When applying for 3 or more hours per week cleaning, you will receive a 10% discount off your Agency fees - in addition you will also be able to claim 2 nights midweek B & B for free when staying before the end of October - staying at Craig Y Nos Castle

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