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Martin Gover Managing Director
Martin Gover founded SelClene in 1986 and operated initially in a small area of Central London. His innovative approach to providing cleaning services lead to rapid expansion throughout Britain and turned Selclene into the country's largest home cleaning agency.

Ian Bloom
Franchise Manager/Company Secretary

Ian Bloom is responsible for recruiting, training and monitoring SelClene's franchisees. His department plays a key role by setting and maintaining the high standards for which SelClene has become synonymous. Prospective franchisees should contact Ian to learn more about running a SelClene agency.

Michael Ludwig
Business Systems and Procedures Manager

Michael Ludwig is the company's technical and I.T. specialist. He oversees and maintains a substantial hardware and software investment and analyses the day to day running of the SelClene business.

Michael also deals with legal matters and agency contracts. Contact him with any concerns by clicking his image.

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