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Customer Reviews

Mrs E A Bell, GL4 Finding a new cleaner when the previous one leaves. Also, each cleaner sent has been very good, keen to do the job well and pleasant to have around the house.

V Jones, GL16Reliable & I don't have the hassle of recruiting myself.

MM, GL2 The service has improved over the years. It is now very efficient and responses to my calls are handled well.

SD, GL17We found it difficult to find a cleaner without SelClene.

DH, GL4Always can rely on getting an excellent cleaner, and that any issues will be sorted quickly.

Mrs DC, GL15TF was very reliable and cheerful.

AO, NP16 You organised a replacement very quickly and without any fuss. You haven't encroached at all by calling me often and asking for feedback, but been very discreet. Thanks

A Foote, NP25 The fact I don't have any problem if I wish to start a new cleaner for any reason, and the speed which you replace a cleaner if they leave.

BF, GL17 It is nice to have a reliable cleaner but also have the comfort of knowing that we have back-up should circumstances change.

GB, GL15 I have been with SelClene for nearly two years, during that time I have had two cleaners who have both been very good so I have not really had any problems. I have always found the service helpful and friendly.

An anonymous client responded: Complete vetting system employed & safety guaranteed.

A client from Llangarron replied 'Professional'

A client from Monmouth told us: Made finding cleaner easy
Another anonymous client replied: Sensible & competent

A client from Clearwell responded: My cleaner, K, is like one of the family. Trustworthy & reliable. I could not work full time without her!

A further anonymous client replied that they most liked: The person doing the cleaning!

SER said: SelClene provided good reliable cleaners who did what was asked of them with enthuisiasm and care. Supporting staff ensured replacement cleaners were found when needed and were always courteous. Would be happy to recommend.

EAB said "The Service from Selclene has been exemplary. The cleaners I have employed through them have been without exception pleasant, competent, punctual and overall very reliable. The Office Staff have been very helpful albeit a littel slow on one occasion. If the necessity arose, I would certainly return to SelClene to find trustworthy and effective cleaners. The database has proved its worth when a cleaner has finished, particularly if done at short notice.

JS from Lydney said "Peace of Mind Knowing if you lose a cleaner for whatever reason, another will be found"

Further comments about our service can be found on the Best of the Forest of Dean website at www.thebestof.co.uk/forestofdean

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