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Vetting Cleaners


Only a small percentage of applicants for our cleaning jobs are actually engaged, due to our vigorous vetting procedures. When applicants call wanting to join us. straight away they are interviewed over the phone and asked many questions including previous experience, ability to provide at least 2 written references, next of kin details, past employment, history, etc.

Out of every hundred job enquiry's we only end up booking between twenty and thirty to come and see us for an interview. At the interview stage, they MUST provide at least 2 written references, proof of ID, proof of address, next of kin details and their National Insurance Number. Every one sits through a personal interview where we go through their details and experience to make an assessment of their suitability.

If the applicants pass this phase of the screening process they then go on to a training session, which involves learning everything from cleaning techniques, health and safety procedures, client relations and time management.

They are also fully familiarised with SelClene's procedures and forms, such as the WERF & KSD forms that are in SelClene's very own client pack.

All SelClene's cleaners are trained to use our EXCLUSIVE comprehensive Product Kit, which includes learning how to prevent cross contamination from one room to the next.

Over the next few days we then check out the references of those who have shown that they can meet our strict criteria and if these are convincing then we will offer the applicant a cleaning position with a client. When they are working we continue to monitor their performance constantly and welcome feedback from our clients.

A lot of potential cleaners who come to us think that the interview is a bit too intense, or that we insist on too much training, just for a cleaning job. We know by experience that it is very important however, even though the interview alone can last for 2 hours. The successful applicants take away with them their own copy of the SelClene Training Manual and 'Cleaner's Handbook' as their future performance will be monitored against this.

Only by taking these extraordinary steps to verify our cleaners are we are able to offer you the best, and our unmatched reputation over many years is testimony to the way we have organised SelClene to match your requirements.


Out of the prospective workers that call us every week, no more than one third will probably fit our criteria. They would therefore be invited in for an interview. Out of those maybe only two thirds would turn up. From here only two thirds would make it through the interview and the training. Out of the remainder we would only take on between the best ones. It's a big drop out rate, purely because our requirements are so critical, but this is why we can offer you good cleaners with confidence.

We have been operating long enough to know what type of people we want to engage and what type of cleaner YOU want on your premises

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